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Unified Solution

Time is money. Hence, our technology-driven platform provides a single destination for easy, convenient, and innovative solutions for hassle-free medical supplies procurement.

SupplyThis Smart

Order Refilling

The SupplyThis platform has an all-new smart order refilling feature that lets you efficiently manage your medical supplies procurement. With just a few clicks, you can set up subscription orders of the products you need and manage them on your terms.
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How It Works?


Whether you are an existing or a new customer, all you need to do is register for our subscription orders.


Once done, you can select a set of products to be added to your shopping cart, which can be modified anytime.


Throughout the subscription, you will have full control over the frequency of your scheduled products. You can either make it weekly or monthly depending on your requirement.


At any time, you can view, add, or remove your list of scheduled products. You can also pause or cancel the entire subscription and reactivate it as and when required.

So save your time today and never run out of the products you need!

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